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How Nirvana Began

Tenee’ Jackson, Founder and Owner of Nirvana Organic Spa

My Story…

Even as a small child, I had a profound interest in the human body. Following in the footsteps of my athletic family, I was always active and blessed with better than average athletic skills. I ran everywhere and whether I was competing in gymnastics, running relays or swimming my best medley, I gave it my all, fully intending to win every match.

Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with whiplash following being rear-ended in a severe auto accident. The pain and discomfort of this injury inhibited my ability to live my active lifestyle and overall, deeply impeded my quality of my life. Seeking even temporary relief, I sought out the help of the chiropractic and massage therapy community, and before I knew it, I was feeling better and enjoying life. It was then that I realized that I was hooked. I had found a way to heal my body, and, in the process, had discovered a new passion in my life. I wanted to share what I learned and to make a difference in the lives of others. I worked as a chiropractic assistant for the next 15 years, learned all I could and then moved to the next level, re-entering school to become a Licensed massage therapist. I was on a life quest.

Graduating at the top of my class, while parenting and working full time, my business is not something I do just to earn an income. It is my passion, my journey… my mission. I live what I do. I have since earned my credentials as a personal trainer, taking my bodywork education to yet another level.

It was family that brought me to Michigan in the winter of 2013, but it is my passion to “do good” in the world that was instrumental in motivating me to open the second location of Nirvana Organic Spa in Conway.

I am the mother of three children and I couldn’t be more proud of each of them and their personal growth and development. While I work a busy schedule at home and work, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am ever grateful for and humbled by, the many blessings life has bestowed on me. It is to honor these blessings that I wake up every day with renewed commitment and passion.

I am excited to be a part of the community and am working hard to pay it forward by providing the area’s most comprehensive and affordable therapeutic services and products, because, being blatantly honest, this is who I am.

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Therapeutic Massage Benefits

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